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Journal of Open ENLoCC, the European Network of Logistics Competence Centers
Issue 2021-1


Giuseppe Luppino

I am glad to welcome you to the last issue of the EU Review, the scientific and communication tool of the Open ENLoCC, the European Network of Regional Competence Centers.

Since 2006, OPEN ENLoCC has been around as an informal group at EU level. As from the end of 2019, we have now taken the next step and formalized the network as an ASBL under Belgian law. This new legal form, was necessary due to the closure of KLOK which held the secretariat of the network from the foundation. It is my intention to say thank you to Holger Bach and Martin Brandt for the work done during these years and for contributing to make the network great. Martin Brandt, who managed the secretariat of the network in person,  is still on board with the role of co-editor of the new version of the EU review, so the collaboration continues. Notwithstanding these difficulties, Members decided in Liege, during the last physical plenary meeting before the pandemic situation, to become a formal association and to update the statute.

In the meantime we closed the collaboration with some members, which we hope to see again in the near future. The active Members are listed on the members page, and we hope to grow again and more in the next few years thanks to an ambitious Programme of activities which will be discussed with Members during the next coming Plenary Meeting.

The European Review of Regional Logistics 2.0

In this context, we also redesigned our communication flagship, the “Review”. From 2021, there will be three issues per year, and the journal will be published online. The articles will be accessible individually. However, there will also be a joint pdf document that can be downloaded to get a whole issue as a single document. This will allow for more flexibility in length and scope of articles. We will improve the Review’s position as the journal for all questions regarding regional impacts and causes of logistics.



The publication of the European Review of Regional Logistics is supported by a grant of Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH (WRS).

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