European Network of Logistics Competence Centers

The main task of the network is the international exchange of experience and knowledge between its paticipants and the promotion of a higher level of cooperation with European institutions.

Logistics Knowledge Base

The Open ENLoCC member institutions each hold a huge amount of regional logistics knowledge. Furthermore, typically each is a specialist in one or more topics, with a reputation across Europe.

Logistics Training

The Open ENLoCC members offer logistics training and education or in any case have close ties to the relevant logistics training and education institutions in their area.

European Transport Corridors

For several such corridors, Open ENLoCC members cooperate on exchanging regional knowledge regarding these corridors, with an emphasis on freight transport.

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The members of Open ENLoCC work together on common projects with the aim to develop the regional economy by solving infrastructural, organisational and technological problems of logistics and transport.

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10 years of Open ENLoCC

On November 17, the Open ENLoCC network celebrated its 10th anniversary in Brussels with a public meeting in the afternoon.

2019 Open ENLoCC General Assembly

The Open ENLoCC General Assembly 2019 was held in Liège (Belgium) on June 18 / 19, upon invitation of Open ENLoCC member Logistics in Wallonia.


According to the “Articles of Associations”, all applications have to be confirmed by the General Assembly. A membership goes along with a yearly fee.

Quarterly Journal of Open ENLoCC

“European Review of Regional Logistics” newest journal edition:

For past editions, see JOURNALS section.



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