Becoming a member is not the only way to get in contact with us. European Projects allow to develop several activities in the field of logistics, and most of the projects have a successful collaboration. But as soon as the project (and funding) is closed, the cooperation disappear. This means that length of EU projects are too short to implement a collaboration in the long term.

According to the EU database, by today (26th April 2021) 66 projects were funded in the In the last Programming Period 2014-2020 under the INTERREG Programmes. It means 574 Partners around Europe, all of them working in the field of transport and logistics.

Each project produced added values, synergies, activated important contacts at transnational and local level to better implement the activities of the project, and then to make the freight transport and logistics sector more efficient and green. Almost all the projects defined strategies and roadmaps on how to implement them at local and transnational level. But continuity is a barrier, as most of those Organizations do not have possibilities and tools to continue.

OPEN ENLoCC aims to create a community of organizations (non members of the Network) in order to:

  • Give continuity to the #Transport4Cohesion position paper, submitted by more than 170 Organizations in Europe to give continuity to the Transport policy in INTERREG;
  • Exchange experience in the freight transport topic at regional level;
  • Create a database of freight-transport-related organizations;
  • Activate new synergies between Members and non Members;
  • Support the development of new INTERREG Programmes;
  • Support the development of the MACRO REGION STRATEGIES.

To keep alive what has been created in the last years, OPEN ENLoCC Members, according to the decision taken during our last General Assembly in 2021, decided to create a parallel community for all those Organizations dealing with freight transport and logistics with a regional scope.

As a starting point, it was decided to invite Organizations from those projects in which Open ENLoCC Members were also involved. For example, between 2017 and 2020, ITL and some other members, were involved in several Interreg Adrion projects related to freight transport (e.g. ADRIPASS, NEWBRAIN, ISTEN).

How to JOIN

To become Friend of OPEN ENLoCC you simply have to fill in the following form. As a result, you will receive the login and password to enter in the Friends Area.

Becoming a friend of OPEN ENLoCC is free of charge for ever, but a yearly renewal is needed.


Once formalized the activation, you will receive an username and password to participate to the internal activities. The resources at disposal are:

  • Repository with the most important documents from the Programme Bodies or from the Macro Region Strategies
  • Co-Creation of a position paper on freight transport with a regional scope
  • participation to the OPEN ENLoCC talks and non-members events
  • Organization of at least one event per year (we would like to organize at least 3 events) with the aim to share the experiences and to create synergies;
  • Possibility to publish an article in our EU Regional Review;
  • Matching events in order to create partnerships for new INTERREG projects.

Other important activities are going to be activated soon, but all in line with the Article 5 of the Association

Form to be submitted

Please note that this form does not oblige you or your Organization to join the Friends OPEN ENLoCC community nor oblige OPEN ENLoCC to consider the same organization as full member of the Network.

Giuseppe Luppino

Giuseppe Luppino

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