Giuseppe Luppino Member of the ASSURED-UAM Project Advisory Board

ASSURED-UAM, acronym of Acceptability, safety and sustainability recommendations for Efficient Deployment of UAM, is a CSA Horizon 2020 project coordinated by the SIEC BADAWCZA LUKASIEWICZ-INSTYTUTLOTNICTWA which started in January 2021 under the call H2020-EU.3.4. ASSURED-UAM aims to: Expand and accommodate aviation best practices, standards, recommendations and organizational solutions onto Urban Air Mobility services in order to assure outstanding robustness in terms of safety, sustainability and acceptability. Assure broad and comprehensive organisational and policy definition support for authorities, policy makers and urban industry organization in complex process of implementation of vertical… Read More »Giuseppe Luppino Member of the ASSURED-UAM Project Advisory Board


Talks: Evolutions and perspectives of the development of the TEN-T Network

The Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) policy addresses the implementation and development of a Europe-wide network of railway lines, roads, inland waterways, maritime shipping routes, ports, airports and railroad terminals. The ultimate objective is to close gaps, remove bottlenecks and technical barriers, as well as to strengthen social, economic and territorial cohesion in the EU. The current TEN-T policy is based on Regulation (EU) No 1315/2013. In the next months it is planned an update of the Regulation. The talk is focused on the history of TEN-T, an update on the… Read More »Talks: Evolutions and perspectives of the development of the TEN-T Network

#Transport4Cohesion Position paper

Stakeholder consultation It is now possible to actively contribute to the stakeholder consultations. Interreg MED Within 30th June 2020 Interreg Central Europe Within 24th June 2020 Endorse the Paper now HERE Add here your successful story Table of contents Policy Paper Recommendations Endorsements Success stories Supporting the transport Policy Objective for the European Territorial Cooperation Programming Period 2021-2027 #Transport4Cohesion This position paper represents the point of view of an enlarged transport community composed by Institutions, Networks, Nodes and Research Organizations, which actively participated to European Projects co-funded by the European… Read More »#Transport4Cohesion Position paper

Talks: The ALICE Roadmap

ALICE developed a roadmap entitled “Towards Zero Emissions Logistics 2050” to set the challenge and direction clearly. It aims to make the roadmap towards decarbonisation more practical for companies and to clarify what roles governments, research and development institutes and civil society will have in order to make this happen.Find more information by clicking in the image on the right. Speaker Fernando Liesa, Secretary General of the The Alliance for Logistic Innovation and Collaboration in Europe (ALICE) Record of the webinar ALICE Roadmap Presentation

Extraordinary Open ENLoCC General Assembly

On October 23 and 24, the members of the Open ENLoCC network met at an extraordinary General Assembly in Stuttgart at member Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH (WRS). The deliberations resulted in a unanimous decision to go for a registration as a non-profit association under Belgian law. The assembly welcomed two new network members: TØI from Oslo (Norway) and LCA-Süd from Fürnitz (Austria).

13th Open ENLoCC General Assembly

This year’s General Assembly of the Open ENLoCC network was held in Newcastle (GB) on April 10-11, upon invitation of Open ENLoCC member NewRAIL. The first day was open to interested participants also from outside the Open ENLoCC network. The second day dealt with formal deliberations and technical discussions. As already done in Bologna and Kassel, a session about the current project work and interests in upcoming project cooperation was held on Wednesday. More about the meeting in the issue 3-2018 of the European Review of Regional Logistics.

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