European Review of Regional Logistics 3-2019

Dear members and friends of the Open ENLoCC network In this summer edition of the Review, we focus on methodology for urban and regional logistics plans as well as on lessons learned from them. While the guidelines for sustainable urban mobility plans (that is, mainly for mobility of people) have been updated these days, they now go along with guidelines for sustainable urban logistics plans. We present an excerpt from these new guidelines that focus on functional regions more than on cities within administrative borders. In this context, we also… Leggi tutto »European Review of Regional Logistics 3-2019

2019 Open ENLoCC General Assembly

The Open ENLoCC General Assembly 2019 was held in Liège (Belgium) on June 18 / 19, upon invitation of Open ENLoCC member Logistics in Wallonia.

Extraordinary Open ENLoCC General Assembly

On October 23 and 24, the members of the Open ENLoCC network met at an extraordinary General Assembly in Stuttgart at member Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH (WRS). The deliberations resulted in a unanimous decision to go for a registration as a non-profit association under Belgian law. The assembly welcomed two new network members: TØI from Oslo (Norway) and LCA-Süd from Fürnitz (Austria).

13th Open ENLoCC General Assembly

This year’s General Assembly of the Open ENLoCC network was held in Newcastle (GB) on April 10-11, upon invitation of Open ENLoCC member NewRAIL. The first day was open to interested participants also from outside the Open ENLoCC network. The second day dealt with formal deliberations and technical discussions. As already done in Bologna and Kassel, a session about the current project work and interests in upcoming project cooperation was held on Wednesday. More about the meeting in the issue 3-2018 of the European Review of Regional Logistics.