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Second food4ce project newsletter is out

The second FOOD4CE project newsletter is out!

Food4CE, funded by the INTERREG Central Europe Program, is a dynamic three-year project that strives to make Central Europe’s food networks more sustainable and accessible. It aspires to achieve this goal by enhancing the efficiency of alternative food networks (AFNs) and developing policy guidelines to support their growth. The project’s ultimate aim is to foster a stronger connection between local producers and consumers, resulting in increased access to fresh, locally sourced food.

OPEN ENLoCC has taken on a significant role in the Food4CE project: as a partner in this venture, OPEN ENLoCC is set to lead the communication efforts, playing a pivotal role in spreading the project’s message and accomplishments far and wide.

The latest issue of the newsletter shared the main results of the Food4CE consortium’s comprehensive research on Alternative Food Networks (AFNs) in Central Europe, through which 391 potential AFN were identified in Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Poland and Hungary.

The research delves into the intricacies of AFNs with a special focus on identifying effective logistics practices that could further enhance short food supply chains in the regions.

The newsletter also highlights the main challenges AFNs face in the near future, and the opportunities to be seized. As AFNs seek to transform the food supply by connecting ethical producers and consumers more directly and Central Europe lacks systemic policies to support such networks, change is necessary!

For more information on the FOOD4CE project:

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