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The second GRETA project newsletter is out!

The GRETA (Green, Reliable, and Eco-friendly Transport Alternatives) project has a clear and ambitious vision: to eliminate the negative impacts of last-mile delivery in CE FUAs.

Indees, eCommerce is booming, and with it comes an increase in freight transport. This is putting a strain on our cities, with higher emissions, noise, and congestion. The GRETA project is working to decarbonize the last mile of freight transport by piloting the use of zero- emission
vehicles like cargo bikes. The project partners are reorganizing urban spaces to make them more efficient for freight deliveries. They are also working to develop new curb management strategies that will reduce the number of delivery vehicles on the road. GRETA is a solution for a more sustainable future. By reducing emissions and congestion, we can make our cities cleaner, quieter, and more livable.

In this edition of the GRETA Newsletter:

  • The GRETA Project: Paving the Way for a Sustainable Future
  • HIGHLIGHTS: Consortium Meeting in Bologna

For more information on the GRETA project:

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