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10th International Congress on Transportation Research (ICTR 2021)

The 10th International Congress on Transportation Research (ICTR 2021), organized by the Hellenic Institute of Transport (HIT/CERTH) and the Hellenic Institute of Transportation Engineers (HITE) took place in Rhodes, Greece, on September 1-3, 2021. The congress was focused on Future Mobility and Resilient Transport: Transition to innovation and was attended by over 400 transport experts from all over the world who outlined through 180 scientific papers the international trends in transport research including, among others, autonomous transport systems, the use of big data analytics and artificial intelligence for managing mobility and logistics systems today but also the smart cities of the future, as well as the sustainable mobility and freight transport and logistics systems that aim to drastically reduce pollutant emissions.

This year, the Congress program included discussions with the business community, technology providers and decision makers about the role that the research results can have on achieving – practical and innovative – solutions, for the mobility and transport, today and in the future and concluded that, Greece’s research capacity can assist the successful transition of the transport and mobility systems towards a greener, more digital and resilient to climate change future.

Freight transport and logistics was priority topic of the congress which was covered in several sessions with more than 20 relevant papers submitted by researchers providing a holistic overview on the main challenges and current research gaps in freight transportation and the logistics sector in general. More specifically they dealt with a variation of innovative aspects such as: on demand warehousing, autonomous last mile transportation, intermodality, synchromodality, resilient supply chains as well as policy planning.

Also, a dedicated workshop about on-demand city logistics was organized during the conference by the POLIS Network which had a focus on Living Labs for logistics operation to accelerate innovation in the sector and facilitate strengthening of stakeholders’ cooperation.

Dr. Georgia Ayfantopoulou

Dr. Georgia Ayfantopoulou

Research Director of the Hellenic Institute of Transport/CERTH
President of ICTR 2021 Organizing Committee

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