Kick off meeting Friends of OPEN ENLoCC

This Morning a group of Organizations kicked off the activities of the Friends of OPEN ENLoCC Community!

The meeting is the follow up of the application of 27 organizations around Europe and beyond.

Download the presentation held by the President of the Network from the button below.

Activities in the next months

Exchange experience

There is no need to reinvent the wheel!!! Friends of OPEN ENLoCC can act as repository of good practices or experiences. The most relevant will be also published in the EU Regional Review!

Create a database

A list of Organizations dealing with logistics at regional level Useful to join new consortiums Useful to to find partners

Position papers

#Transport4Cohesion is the proof that numbers are important. INTERREG Programmes need to be updated with a bottom up approach from the territory. For this reason OPEN ENLoCC will promote specific position papers on freight transport and regional logistics

One2One interviews

In order to increase the visibility of all the participants inside and outside the community, OPEN ENLoCC will start in October 2021 a series of live interviews streamed on the youtube channel of the Network and possibly also in LINKEDiN. Interviews will be biweekly and topics will be very flexible. In principle it will be a short presentation of the company and a focus on specific activities related to the regional logistics.

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