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The OPEN ENLoCC Network is glad to announce that LIMOWA Association decided to join our family. With the approval of the General Assembly of members, LIMOWA  thus officially enters the Network as of 1st January 2024.

LIMOWA is an industry-led, objective, and not-for-profit association developing logistics nationwide in Finland. LIMOWA operates nationwide and focuses on logistics hubs, taking care of total transportation system, different transport modes and opportunities to combine them. Focus also includes logistics nodes themselves, areas & parks, and facilities, and also what is happening there inside in “logistics centers”. In general, several sustainability issues are covered.

In addition, LIMOWA deals with intralogistics issues too: warehousing, materials handling etc. not only in logistics industry, but also in manufacturing, trade and other sectors. ICT, digitalization, data, automation and robotics are big part of logistics.

Here are some questions we asked LIMOWA to better present their work and the essential contribution they will make to our Network. Read the interview!


Why did your organisation decide to join OPEN ENLoCC?

We have some nice experiences for being touch with Open ENLoCC and its members before. It is also important, that in such an important network, Finnish regions are also represented. We believe there could be lots of issues we can learn and share together, by developing and running joint RDI projects.

What is your competence and role at regional level?

We are operating nationwide, but our offices are located in Helsinki Region. We are working in collaboration with regional authorities in Helsinki and other areas in Finland. As an objective association, we have good and open discussions with several stakeholders.

What is your experience in development of EU Projects?

We have been involved in Interreg and Horizon projects, mostly in supportive roles to help our members to succeed in those. We have also extensive experience in running ERDF, ESF etc. project on regional level.

What are your expectations from the participation to OPEN ENLoCC?

Getting to know each other, sharing information. Maybe finding not only projects, but also enhancing COMPETENCES within our network (companies, universities and other educational institutions).

We therefore officially welcome LIMOWA to the Network. We are sure this is only the beginning of an important and fruitful collaboration!

limowa contacts

LIMOWA Official Website

LIMOWA Official LinkedIn