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Project GRETA: read the first newsletter of the project dedicated to eliminating the negative impacts of last-mile delivery

The first newsletter of the GRETA project in which OPEN ENLoCC is a partner is now available!

The GRETA (Green, Reliable, and Eco-friendly Transport Alternatives) project is taking bold steps towards a greener and more accessible future for functional urban areas (FUAs) in Central Europe (CE) by 2030. Indeed, the project has a clear and ambitious vision: to eliminate the negative impacts of last-mile delivery. This includes solving problems such as emissions, noise pollution and traffic congestion. By 2030, GRETA aims to create cities that are not only sustainable, but also highly liveable and accessible to all.

OPEN ENLoCC is proud to be part of this transformative initiative that aims to reshape our cities for the better.

More information on the project is available by clicking here or on the dedicated website.

Download the first newsletter which tells about the project’s objectives, challenges and opportunities, as well as presenting all the partners involved!