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Giuseppe Luppino Member of the ASSURED-UAM Project Advisory Board

ASSURED-UAM, acronym of Acceptability, safety and sustainability recommendations for Efficient Deployment of UAM, is a CSA Horizon 2020 project coordinated by the SIEC BADAWCZA LUKASIEWICZ-INSTYTUTLOTNICTWA which started in January 2021 under the call H2020-EU.3.4.

ASSURED-UAM aims to:

  • Expand and accommodate aviation best practices, standards, recommendations and organizational solutions onto Urban Air Mobility services in order to assure outstanding robustness in terms of safety, sustainability and acceptability.
  • Assure broad and comprehensive organisational and policy definition support for authorities, policy makers and urban industry organization in complex process of implementation of vertical modes of transport and integration with horizontal dimensions of urban and peri-urban mobility systems.
  • Become the first and robust answer to the European Green Deal goals contributing to climate neutral urban transport in 2050.

The President of OPEN ENLoCC, Giuseppe Luppino, was invited to participate to the project in quality of Advisor, to represent the vision of the regional logistics to the European audience.

Further news will follow.