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In an exciting development, the European Network of Logistics Competence Centers at regional level (OPEN ENLoCC) has taken on a significant role in the Food4CE project, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at revolutionizing food supply chains in Central Europe. As a partner in this venture, OPEN ENLoCC is set to lead the communication efforts, playing a pivotal role in spreading the project’s message and accomplishments far and wide.

What is Food4CE?

Food4CE, funded by the INTERREG Central Europe Program, is a dynamic three-year project that strives to make Central Europe’s food networks more sustainable and accessible. It aspires to achieve this goal by enhancing the efficiency of alternative food networks (AFNs) and developing policy guidelines to support their growth. The project’s ultimate aim is to foster a stronger connection between local producers and consumers, resulting in increased access to fresh, locally sourced food.

OPEN ENLoCC’s Role in Food4CE

As a partner in Food4CE, OPEN ENLoCC has taken on the crucial responsibility of leading the project’s communication and dissemination activities. This means that we will be at the forefront of sharing the project’s progress, insights, and achievements with a broad audience.

Our role encompasses various aspects:

  1. Spreading the Word: We will ensure that the Food4CE project gains visibility through various communication channels. This includes disseminating information about the project’s objectives, activities, and outcomes.

  2. Engaging Stakeholders: OPEN ENLoCC will actively engage with stakeholders, including policymakers, businesses, researchers, and the public, to ensure that the project’s impact is maximized.

  3. Highlighting Success Stories: We will share success stories and best practices from the project to inspire similar initiatives in the future.

  4. Promoting Sustainability: OPEN ENLoCC is committed to promoting sustainability, and we will highlight how Food4CE is contributing to more sustainable food networks in Central Europe.

Why Food4CE Matters

Food4CE addresses critical issues related to food supply chains, which have become even more pertinent in recent times. By focusing on AFNs, the project aims to provide fresher food, shorten supply chains, and support local farmers. These efforts align with OPEN ENLoCC’s mission of promoting sustainable logistics and supply chain solutions.

The project also tackles the logistical challenges of AFNs head-on, developing innovative tools and resources to improve efficiency. Furthermore, Food4CE aims to create policy guidelines that will provide policymakers with the information and tools needed to create a supportive environment for AFN development.


As OPEN ENLoCC takes on this exciting role in the Food4CE project, we invite you to stay connected with us for regular updates, news, and insights. Follow our website and social media channels to join us on this journey towards a more sustainable and accessible food future for Central Europe.

Together, we can shape the future of sustainable food networks, and Food4CE is the first step in this important endeavor. We look forward to sharing this transformative journey with you.


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