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On 21st December 2023 the annual General Assembly of OPEN ENLoCC members was held online, an opportunity to take stock of the activities carried out in 2023 and to define the activities planned for the following year.

European Projects

The day’s agenda opened with an update on the European projects in which OPEN ENLoCC is involved, including GRETA, Food4CE and MED Colours; the latter a new project due to start in March 2024 and in which OPEN ENLoCC will be involved as European communication and exploitation manager at EU level. During the Assembly, Riccardo Maratini, Project Manager on behalf of OPEN ENLoCC, illustrated to members the Network’s activities in ongoing projects, the results achieved during the past year and the next steps planned for 2024. We would also like to take this opportunity to remind all interested stakeholders that constant updates on European projects in which the Network is involved are available online on this site and on OPEN ENLoCC’s social channels, LinkedIn and X.

Communication activities

On the communication front, too, there will be no shortage of new activities in 2024. In particular, all network partners will commit to offer their valuable and essential contribution to communication activities, so as to ensure a constant flow of news, insights and updates that will be made available on the OPEN ENLoCC website and social channels in different formats: articles, interviews, videos and posts, for the benefit of all stakeholders. We therefore invite you to follow the Network’s website and social channels where new content will soon be published!

New members

With the start of 2024, OPEN ENLoCC is also preparing to welcome a new Member and elect an Honorary Member, both of which were approved at the general members’ Assembly and about which we will give you further updates soon.

Finally, the General Assembly concluded with the decision to décharge to the directors for the execution of their mandates till date and thanks them for the services that they have rendered to the association and that they will continue to render.

OPEN ENLoCC is therefore ready for a new, exciting year of collaboration and exchange of knowledge and skills for the promotion of a higher level of cooperation with European institutions and an increasingly innovative and sustainable logistics model. Stay Tuned!